Friday, April 28, 2017

Homemade Bulletproof Coffee

I figured I change things up just a little and tell you about my cup of joe in the morning. IT'S GOT BUTTER IN IT! I live in the south.. you know I'm all over anything with butter.

You guys may or may not have heard of this creation called "bulletproof coffee" by now. It's now my morning go-to! Bulletproof coffee in a nutshell is supposed to increase energy, sharpen your mind, and keep you feeling full longer. The main ingredients are coffee, grass-fed butter, and coconut oil. Butter in coffee sounds so weird at first but it's amazing. They all act together to give you these results that are better than coffee alone.

Increased energy-I would probably feel these results better if I actually got adequate sleep in the first place but that's THE WHOLE REASON I DRINK COFFEE. I usually eat some sort of granola or Luna bar on the way to work but I definitely feel full longer into the morning. I'd say I get an extra 2 hours before my stomach is growling for lunch-I'll take it. Coconut oil-it's supposed to be the miracle ingredient and answer to all of life's unanswered questions so, just do it.

The major thing I notice from drinking coffee this way is that I don't get the caffeine shakes! The caffeine in coffee affects me like crazy. About an hour or two after I drink coffee my hands get the shakes. Which doesn't go very well with cleaning teeth and sharp instruments. Some of you probably think I'm crazy but I've talked to quite a few people that have the same issue. This concoction eliminates that for me!

Anywho, there's an actual bulletproof coffee regimen you can buy because some guy invented it. I've read that it's no better than doing it your own way at home. And there are now so many different spins on it. You can add even coconut milk, almond milk, cinnamon, creamer, sugar, etc. to make it your own. SO, I'm done rambling.. here's how I do it!


I use a hefty spoonful of coconut oil and a nice big slice of butter, I don't use a specific measurement.

I put the coconut oil, butter, and a splash of creamer in my blender and brew the coffee right into it so all I have to do is blend it up. This is everything BEFORE being blended.

Ta daaaa! Done.

It gets nice and frothy on top almost like a latte! It's so smooth and creamy. I'm hooked.

Let me know what you all think if you try it! Or if you'd never dare try it because I'm crazy and it sounds disgusting to you. Either way (:

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Pink Spring OTS Sweater

I had to practice some major self control when I saw this sweater.. I want every color! I usually wear a medium in most sweaters but did a small in this and love it! 

We got rained on during pictures. As you can see, my hair progressively got more and more frizzy as we went! Haha, oh well, what do ya do. 

It's a little hard to find my flats now since I got them quite a while back. The site that I linked seemed to have a good range of sizes left, though! Remember ladies, leopard is a neutral!

Too Faced Matte Lipstick in Miso Pretty with Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Peony on top

Photos by Reagan Griffin

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Casual Weekend Outfit

This is one of the most in-stock tops from Studio 6 I think I've posted in a while! So go get one for yourself before it sells out! It's SO soft and I love how long it is. I usually tuck it in like I did for this outfit or I tie it in a knot on the side with jeans.

I DIY'ed my shorts last weekend and I'll make a quick post on that soon! There are tons of DIY cut off tutorials, especially on Pinterest, but I'll show you how I did mine for the heck of it incase anyone is interested! Perfectly worn in (or worn out) three dollar shorts.. you can't beat that.

I got my flats from Burke's months ago so I'm linking some others!

Studio 6 Top | The Styled Collection Necklace (can usually Google a coupon)
Anastasia Lipstick in Pure Hollywood | Eyelet Lace Up Flats LOVE

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easy Spring Outfit

I love a sweater with shorts! It's such an easy and comfortable outfit, and I'm all about both of those things. Also, I'm always on the cold side. I'm much happier when my arms are covered vs my legs, so there's reason #3 I like outfits like this.

As I've said many times before, I LOVE pom poms! I feel like this hat is more on the beachy side but I kinda made it the statement piece of the outfit here. I can't find the blue version that I have but DID find the black one, which is equally as cute! Mine definitely wasn't as expensive as this site has it listed for. I see that they have 15% off your first purchase though, so that helps! It's made by the Brooklyn Hat Company, so keep your eye out if you're wanting the blue one. They have an Instagram (@brooklynhatcompany) and did have a webpage, but it's not up anymore?? Oh well. I'm thinking hard about getting the other one I'm linking, it's soooooo pink and cute.

Moto jackets: they're great. You can wear them spring, summer, and fall if you do it right. I got this one at TJ Maxx a month or so ago but linked some other good ones!

H&M Moto Jacket (20% off first purch w/ email) | Target Moto Jacket

Photos by Mary Skinner

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Floral & Spring/Summer Jewelry


Bad news first: I got this top at Studio 6 Apparel (shocking, I know) and it's sold out. So are the earrings from Marley Lilly. But! I've done a lot of Googling and found so many very similar items for you to check out. That's good news for you, but bad for me, because now I want those things too. Give me ALL the floral tops! 

While searching for earrings, I stumbled upon the line that Baublebar has at Target right now and I'm in looove. BaubleBar always has such cute jewelry but it's priced better at Target! I've linked a pair from BaubleBar's actual site (you get 15% off your first purchase when you sign up with email) and most of the others are from the line they have at Target. I'm linking some other great jewelry that I love for the spring and summer, too!

These jegging's are honestly worth the $59 to me, but I found a few others that aren't quite that much and look just as good, if not better. These are just so comfy and don't bunch up around my knees like most jeggings and skinny jeans do. And I love a good frayed hem.

Gold Y Necklace (this will go with everything|  Chokers

Floral OTS tops:

White Jeggings:


P.S.!! Remember this little number of a top? I found two SUPER similar ones and linked them also!

Photos by Reagan Griffin

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Overalls Are Back!

Overalls are back! (Mom says this is the third time in her life she's seen overalls cycle around, haha.) They're great! After you've decided if you want shorts or crop overalls, you can wear umpteen different styles of shirts with them. They look great with sandals, booties, lace up flats, etc. The number of ways to style overalls goes on and on. I chose my favorite glitter booties, that I wear year round, and a plain oversized dolman top.

My booties are from Dillard's and (sadly) two years old so I can't link the exact ones but I've found some others that would look great with this outfit. The brand is Gianni Bini and this past fall they had a very similar version for sale, just without the heel! (So I bought those too..) So keep your eyes out for them when the weather cools down again.

This top is a soft and sexy from American Eagle. I can't find the exact of this either but it's easy to find a white top! I sized up to a large so I could hang it off my shoulder. I tagged some others that are the soft and sexy and would go well with overalls.

I just got these overalls from Gap Factory this past weekend. They're running a big half off sale and I had an extra 15% off in my email, so get 'em while they're hot! I gave mine an extra roll on the shorts, they have a longer inseam.

I'll link some of the makeup I'm wearing, too!

Photos by Reagan Griffin

Friday, April 7, 2017

Sweet & Simple Gray OTS Dress

Back in February I went to America's Mart in Atlanta with Studio 6 and this dress was definitely a highlight of the trip. Jin, one of the designers for Polagram, gave this to me straight out of his sample line! And now it's in stores at Studio 6, so run and get one! It's such a soft easy material, but the lace detail really dresses it up. I LOVE comfortable easy to wear pieces that make you look dressed up without even trying.

I can't find these wedges in stock in this exact color but I'm linking them in brown, they also come in black. They're pricey but a great investment. I can wear these all day, they're so comfortable! I found them in a mule version in the blue suede and now I want those too!

Everything linked below 👇